Daryl Lum’s Video Section

Here are some of my videos from my YouTube channels. You can visit and subscribe to my YouTube Channels to get notified as an when I upload something new. I have my own personal YouTube Channel where I will upload my personal videos as well as some videos about some of my businesses and I also co-manage the Invest Bangkok Property YouTube Channel where we provide site visits and answer questions and provide buying advice to Bangkok property buyers.

Daryl Lum’s YouTube Channel
Invest Bangkok Property YouTube Channel

Investing 101 Videos

I release weekly videos explaining the various investing terms. The videos are released at 8pm Singapore time, every Monday.

Explainer Videos

These are my explainer videos. These videos may come in useful as a guide to investors.

Ask Me Anything

Now and then I do get questions from clients, readers of my blog or people who watch my videos. I answer them in a video format on YouTube so that someone else may also be able to pick up something from my answer. If you would like to know something, be it in real estate, equities or any related topics, do drop me an email or a WhatsApp message.

Singapore Property Reviews

Here are my reviews of some of the new property launches in Singapore. Hopefully this will aid you in your buying decision.

Landed Workshop

I have been dealing with landed properties since 2005 and here are some videos to guide anyone who is keen to know more about landed properties in Singapore. I also hold monthly Landed Workshops. You can find out more and sign up for the next workshop at https://landedworkshop.com/.

Property Video Blogs

Random vlogs of properties around Singapore.

Bangkok Property Ask Us Anything

In this section, we answer Bangkok property related questions. If you have any questions, do email or send us a message.

Bangkok Property Video Blogs

Our random video blogs about Bangkok property related matters and events.

Bangkok Property Project Reviews

Here are our reviews about the latest Bangkok property launch. We give you the breakdown and useful analysis which can help yoou to make a more informed investment decision.

Bangkok Property Site Visits

We try our best to visit all popular sales galleries across Bangkok. Here are our videos of the various sales galleries and unit mockups.

Bangkok Property Explainer Videos

In this section, we discuss the various topics that investors should know before investing in Bangkok properties.