Daryl Lum’s Video Section

Here are some of my videos from my YouTube channels. You can visit and subscribe to my YouTube Channels to get notified as an when I upload something new. I have my own personal YouTube Channel where I will upload my personal videos as well as some videos about some of my businesses and I also co-manage the Invest Bangkok Property YouTube Channel where we provide site visits and answer questions and provide buying advice to Bangkok property buyers.

Daryl Lum’s YouTube Channel
Invest Bangkok Property YouTube Channel

Investing 101 Videos

Here is a playlist of videos explaining the various investment terms to would be investors. It is my way of sharing knowledge with anyone who would like to know more. If you are interested to have certain investment terms discussed, you can drop me an email at me@daryllum.com.

Explainer Videos

Here is a playlist of videos of explainer videos for investors to reference.

Ask Me Anything

In this YouTube series on my YouTube Channel, I will answer questions that are sent to me in a video post. This is so that the answer can be shared with everyone on YouTube. If you have a question that would like to be answered, do send me a WhatsApp message or email me.

Singapore Property Reviews

Here are my reviews of some Singapore developments.

Property Video Blogs

Here are some video blogs of mine. If you are interested to have certain subject matters discussed, you can drop me an email at me@daryllum.com.

Bangkok Property Video Blogs

I have been involved in the Bangkok property scene since 2012 and I have written many articles about investing in Bangkok. Some of them have been featured on some news publications in the region. Here are my Bangkok property video blogs. You may also visit my Bangkok property portal at InvestBangkokProperty.com.

Bangkok Property Ask Us Anything

This is a section where I answer questions from people who are interested to know more about Bangkok properties. The questions may be from clients or the public in general.

Bangkok Property Project Reviews

These are our project review videos where we take an in-depth look at a particular project, analyse the location of the project and help potential buyers pick the choice units in the development.

Bangkok Property Site Visits

I try to make investing in Bangkok properties a little less confusing by doing site visit videos.

Bangkok Property Explainer Videos

In these explainer videos, I touch on topics that you should know if you are going to invest in Bangkok properties. These topics will range from where to invest to important legal and tax issues.

Bangkok Property Previews

Here are some preview videos about upcoming property launches in Bangkok.

Travelling Around Bangkok

Here are some videos about travelling around Bangkok.

Singapore Secretary Services Videos

I co-own an ACRA Filing Agent. The firm handles corporate secretary matters for companies. You can find out more at https://singaporesecretaryservices.com/.

Stirling Steaks

I co-own two restaurants along East Coast Road. Established since 2013, the Stirling brand has come a long way. Learn more about the Stirling Steaks at Stirling.sg.